dsc01187.JPGSo I have been itching to make that poncho in my last entry. So I returned the red and cream Red Heart SuperSaver yarn I had to Wal-mart to get something thicker and much softer. I was gonna settle on some Lion’s Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick but they didn’t have any Wool-Ease at all let alone in the colors I wanted. I really wish I could afford to go to Purlz and get all the yarn I want. Mom got the bathrug and washcloths I crocheted for her. She really loved the colors and couldn’t wait to “try it out” after her shower. I can’t wait to make more. The rug was alot of fun to make and fairly quick too(when I am not losing the remaining yarn). Here is the potholder and heart coaster I recently finished crocheting. They were alot of fun and a small challenge for me too. You gotta remember that I have only made one (Very sad looking) afghan that took me about 2 years to complete using only a dc stitch. I will have to take pictures for you some other day when I am not so ashamed of it. I must admit though, It is really warm. I also am having a dickens of a time trying to get this darned pineapple dishcloth done. I keep ending up with either too many or not enough stitches in the 3rd row. I have started and frogged the whole thing 4 times now. Getting very frustrated and more determined to get this right each time. Gonna probably attack poor Tammy on Friday with my problem and see if she can figure it out.