I think I am finally getting the hang of knitting!!!!! I am a little over 1/2 way finished with my very first project. I had made a couple of small swatches but everything still felt very awkward in my hands. That and I am used to crocheting very fast. So when I couldn’t get the hang of knitting right away I got very frustrated with it. Kept putting it down and then looking at it in disgust. But I really wanted to get this down pat so everyday I tried to do at least one more row. And every day I got more and more pissed at it. My good friend told me to try dishcloths and coasters for practice. She knows I like that instant gratification of a finished product. Said that it would give me practice with a purpose. Ok those weren’t her words but basically that is what she meant. So I gave it a go. Started a simple dishcloth from a pattern on the label of a skein of Sugar and Cream cotton yarn on Tues. It has given me some serious fits. I kept getting lost in the pattern every time I put it down. So then when I picked it back up I had to count rows and stitches several times to make sure I didn’t screw up. Needless to say this is supposed to be a square dishcloth but I think it will turn out more diamond shaped. LOL That’s ok though. Nothing is perfect right? I will post a picture either tomorrow when the lighting is good or when I finally finish the danged thing. Whichever I find time for.