Well I keep finding projects to start and trying to save the money for them is getting tiresome. Wanting just the right yarn for each project and yarn being so expensive…Well let’s just say I am getting anxious. I did find a cute little pattern for a phone cover or pda cover to make for my sis. Between that and the little heart shaped coaster I am gonna crochet for her I think she will be pleasantly surprised. I also want to finish the dishcloth KAL that I started and never finished. Only gotten about 1/2 way. I also found someone that has Queen Kahuna’s Crazy Toes and Heels book for trade. She wants sock yarn or lace yarn in exchange. Shouldn’t be too hard. Just have to wait until we get paid and then use my coupon for Joannes. I am excited to get this book so that I can practice making socks. I have been able to save up $67.05 for my Kona purchase that I will be making in about a month. That is why I want the practice with the socks. I am getting about 4 lbs of Kona and that will cost me 60 shipping tax co-op fee. So I believe it will be about 75.00 total. I will be making a shawl or large scarf(haven’t decided yet) and a TON of socks with it. My friend Tammy is going to teach me how to dye it. I will be making all sorts of funky colored socks!!!!! I can’t wait. I also have to get my tush in gear and get some nursery yarn to make a baby blanket for a friend. She and I did a trade for a picinic type blanket that I can use at the park. It is really nice. Speaking of yarn… I am looking for some Lorna’s Laces lion and lamb so that I can make the Clapotis scarf on www.knitty.com . The pattern recommends it and says that it is sooooooo soft and luxurious. I called Purls and they don’t have it but they suggested going to Back Door Beads and Kiwis. Maybe I will go snooping this weekend. As for the dishcloth exchange I am in… I recieved my puffys yesterday. As soon as I get a chance I will post the pictures of them. One is an angel and the other is a square in a really pretty variegated yarn. On top of that she sent me a really pretty lucky penny holder and a bookmark. I hope she likes mine as much as I like hers. Still have to get the second one finished. TTFN, Viv