I finally got my 2 dishcloths done for the exchange I am in. Got them off in the mail today. Of course I didn’t take any pictures. That would have been too much like the right thing to do. I am excited to hear from her when she receives them though. I sent her a variegated yellowish 5 pointed star and a basic granny square along with a lavender tea bag with instructions on how to make lavender lemonade. I hope she likes them. I also got the Sockatta yarn out to Hazel. She is my new friend in London that is being so kind enough to trade me for the Queen Kahuna book. I sent her the skein of Sockatta and kool aid, and another little surprise that I won’t mention just in case she reads this. As for the baby blankets that I am supposed to crochet for Lisa and Amy… I had gotten started on Lisa’s and gotten almost a whole skein’s worth done when I showed it to Tammy to get her opinion. Needless to say I ended up frogging the whole thing and starting over with a different (denser) pattern. Apparently(and after some thought I totally agreed) the pattern was too open. As Jeff put it…”You could drive a VW bus through those holes!!!!” Well, I got my feelings a little hurt because I had busted my tushy trying to get it as far as I did. But I frogged it, and started over anyways. I have to admit that I am happier with the pattern I am using now. Just the basic granny square like the one I used for my dishcloth. I am making about 16 squares and will join them to make one blanket. As for the blanket for Amy, I don’t know what pattern I will use. I have blue, yellow, and white yarn. I would like it to have some pretty detail. Not just something basic. But at the sametime I don’t want to put too much work into it. I just don’t have the time right now. As for my wish list. I wanted to post everything that want to get my hands on but must save my money for. That way I can prioritize them and not just impulse buy everything I see. LOL. 1. Kona yarn 2. KnitPicks needles sizes 0 and 1’s in 16 and 24 lengths. 3. KnitPicks needles set 4. Book called One Skein 5. Andromeda or Lornas Laces lion and lamb (for Clappy)(4-5 skeins) For now I think that is it. I will add to it as I think of other things. LOL Which I am sure to do shortly. Have a good night, Viv