In case you are wondering what in the hell I am talking about…I couldn’t help myself and went ahead and placed an order for some of the knitpicks circs. I totally blew off my priorities list and decided that I really didn’t need 4 whole lbs of Kona yarn as much as I desperately needed the knitpick’s circs in size 0,1, and 2. And of course I added a couple of skeins of yarn so that I could round out the total to 40 dollars in order to get the free shipping. Nah I am not becoming addicted or anything am I? I mean, I only think about yarn every couple of hours and needles every 20-30 minutes a day. Oh and I don’t really dream up new projects just to buy the supplies for them(HAHAHAHAHAHA!) Nah not me. Tammy said it right earlier this evening…Hi. My name is Aviva and I am a knitaholic. Anyways, on a really good note, I just received my Queen K book from Hazel in the mail today. It really is great so far. Only read the intro and the dedication but already am in love with it. I flipped through it just to check out the pics and the details are just amazing. I can’t wait to get started on a pair of socks. But alas, I must wait. First for the baby blankets that I am crocheting to be finished. Second for my knitpicks to arrive. (Yesterday is not soon enough) Did I mention that I tried out Tammy’s new needles from KP and fell in love? They are so smooth with no snagging join and oooooo are they ever pointy!!!!! Absolutely sinful IMHO. Back to the baby blanket. I have gotten 4 squares done so far. Only 12 more to go. They are getting faster so it shouldn’t be too much longer. I need to find out when Lisa needs it because Amy is due to pop in about 3 weeks and I really need to get hers done too. So much knitting/crochet to do, So little time to do it. Till next time, Viv