I really need to get some pictures in this blog. Maybe that will make me feel like I have accomplished something. LOL! I keep starting projects and either frogging them or not completing them. Still dealing with the baby blankets, my sister’s cell phone cozy(started twice, frogged twice, need to start again with smaller needles and get Tammy to show me her cool trick for acheiving that really pretty and neat edging again.) I have taken measurements for my Queen Kahuna worksheets so that I can get my socks started when my KP needles and yarn get here. My goodness!!!! I never figured I would have to do a ton of math just to make some SOCKS! I also have dreams of felted knick knack bowls. I have some memories yarn from KP coming with the needles just for that. What was that? I need to learn patience? Patience for what? Patience so that I may complete a project? Patience enough to stop checking the tracking on my KP order every couple of hours? I think I am a very patient person 😀 LOL!!! Who am I kidding? I am not patient. Nowhere near it. Oh well. I will just have to keep trying. TTFN, Viv