They finally got here! Yay!!! I would love to get started on some socks right away but I am doing my best to be a good girl and get the danged baby blanket for Amy done in time. She is scheduled for a C-section on the 7th but might go into labor any day now. So I really gotta get a move on. I only have 21 more rounds to do and then I will be done with it. I took pictures of it too so you can see that yes I really have been working on it and not just pretending to while secretly playing with sock yarn. LOL. I will try to take a picture of the pretty sock yarn that my absolutely wonderful friend Hazel got for me. It is the Dancing yarn from KP in “ballet”. I think that is the name of it. It has really pretty pinks and a touch of purple in it. MMMMM Purple!!!!! I love purple. My hands are itching to get back to my knitting so I had better get back to that silly baby blanket. TTFN, Viv