I guess I should have explained it in an ealier post but I didn’t. Sorry. I have changed blogs yet again(3rd time’s a charm?) I had alot of trouble adding pictures to myspace and I couldn’t figure out how to add alot of stuff to blogger. Alot of it was me being lazy AND ignorant of computer lingo.

     Anyways, I heard about WP from my friend Hazel and so far so good. I just wish that I had more templates to choose from. But it is a little bit easier to figure out how to add buttons etc. I just need to take the time to actually do it.

     As for the decisions I need to make…I had started the baby blanket for Lisa’s friend before doing Amy’s blanket. Made 4 granny squares. I am thinking of joining those four and then just adding one great big border.

     I have frogged the scarf I started about a month ago. It is a gray denim style from Bernat. 70% acrylic and 30% cotton. I had cast on 30 st and was doing a k2,p2 vertical rib. Well all was going well and I had gotten it about 10 in” long when I decided it wasn’t wide enough. So I frogged it while putzing through Toys R Us(They had a grand opening with lots of character apperances and cookies and balloons to hand out.) and cast on 80 st this time. I am now doing a k4, p4 rib in hopes that it won’t bunch up as much as the smaller ribbing. I have only done 2 rows so I don’t really know if it will look like I want it too or not. We will soon see.