Glowing in the darkSince I was not the least bit sleepy last night, and Pure Country was on tv, I decided I needed to untangle the mess of yarn my lovely daughter produced for me. Because I wanted to start a swatch for socks. (YES I am finally gonna go ahead and give it a try.)

     Anyways. I had been thinking about how I wanted a center pull ball instead of having a ball of yarn rolling around on the floor as I knit. I had mentioned to my mommy that I was looking to get a swift and a ball winder when we ran across nostepindes(sp?) I had seen them before and seen how to wind on them but really have no desire to get one(they are just pretty in my eyes. Not really practical as I have found. Take too long to wind a ball.)

     So sitting in the middle of my living room surrounded by a ton of toys I spot Jeff’s light saber. My first thought? “Why do we have these things?! They just lie around taking up space and batteries!” My second thought? “I can use this like a nostepinde!” So here is my DH’s lightsaber with my ball of Dancing from Knitpicks.dsc01269.JPGdsc01270.JPG

Pretty nifty huh?