SwatchHere is the swatch I started on. I really like the colors. The yarn is Dancing from Knit picks in Ballet. I am using my new KP size 1 classic circs.

close upHere is a closeup.

My little toesAnd these are my beloved socks. The very first pair I have ever started.

Sock bagLike my sock bag? Tammy made it and I snatched it up before anyone else could buy it. Thanks for holding it for me Tammy. I absolutely love it!

Now that you all have had a chance to start anticipating my finished socks. I have news for you. It is gonna be a while. I frogged them! Ha Ha Ha!!!

I had made a couple of mistakes in the beginning and just left them thinking that 1 or 2 would not make a big difference. Well as things progressed I kept making more mistakes. Increasing backwards, not increasing, dropping stitches and picking them back up backwards, the list goes on. Anyways. There ended up being about 11 and I had only gotten about 4-5 inches of them going. That was too much and very noticable. So ribbit ribbit they went. Sigh. The moral to this story, Pay attention to details. Oh well.

I have however started a new pair. Just in a different color. I love the way the Ballet was looking but I was getting bored looking at the same colors. So the new ones are being done in Simply Stripes by KP in Crayon. I am probably being bad by not doing a swatch but honestly I don’t care right now. If they turn out funny then so be it. I will just have regrets later.

As soon as I get pictures taken I will post them.