I have always thought I might have A.D.D. Just never been diagnosed with it. Well my darlin’s. I think we now have proof.

Denim Scarf?Remember that scarf in the denim acrylic I cast on and frogged? And then cast on again? Yeah I frogged it and cast on again and then frogged it AGAIN. I am going to cast on yet again but only after I stop loathing the yarn.

Then there is my socks. The second cast on with the Simply Stripes from KP. Yeah they got frogged too. Those will get started again probably in a different color. Dunno yet. Not gonna take a picture either cause they will just get frogged again.

Seeing as I haven’t mentioned that I just received my new KP Options set along with the book One Skein (that was on sale btw for $12.95) I will go ahead and tell you that now. What was that? I failed to even tell you that I had even ordered it?! OY VEY!

Felted bowls?Anyways. I have cast on (several times) and frogged(again, several times) 2 bowls for felting in the space of 2 days now. The pattern calls for 24″ circs and then switch to DPNs when needed but I can’t seem to get the danged thing all the way around the circ. What a pain in the tush! So a couple of friends have mentioned trying the magic loop method. They have even told me where online to find out how. But have I gone and looked yet? Nah not me. I have to be stubborn and allow myself to get all riled up into such a grump.

Naturally Brown WoolThis is the brown one that I am thinking of blending with some pretty greenGreen woolwool. I think it will be awsome for a felted bed for Mocha. I just have to sit and figure out all that lovely math for the decreases. Did I mention that I loathe mathmatics of ANY kind?

Pretty reds woolAnd this is going to be a lovely knick knack bowl. I got this and the brown and green wools in an exchange with my way cool friend from Cozystitches.

dsc01285.JPGAlong with a bunch of other yarns from her stash. She is trying to destash right now and I got first pick! YAY! The 2 skeins from KP is what my second pair of socks I started were knit with and the gray is that denim.

FYI this is only one bag out of my stash. The tip of the iceberg. I have tons more that I can’t bear to take out for fear of not knowing what to do with it all.

Hot Pink This however will make for some cute little candy wrapper sachets. Knit them up, fill them with lavendar and give them away. I hope to anyways. We shall see.

dsc01292.JPGThese will also make some cute little felted knick knack bowls. I have been eyeing the smores one and thought several times about some fingerless gloves to go with my (ahem) store bought scarf in the same colors.

There is so much more that I have going on in my tangled yarn like brain but I really must get off of this computer before I explode. I have been trying to get this post together for almost 4 hours now(off and on with lots of breaks of course.)

You are probably bored to tears my dear friends. Sorry about that. I promise to read all of your entries all the way through since you have been so patient with me.