I felted my first project! I am so excited. I actually sat and knit a small bowl with a blend of 80% wool and 20% cashmere. And the really amazing thing?!?!?!? I did it in one sitting. Took me 3 hours but I did it. Then I threw it in the washer and felt it. It is now resting on the bottom of a mason jar candle(upside down of course) with a rubber band around it just below the rim. I have hopes that it will dry with the little ruffles in it.

Before feltingdsc01316.JPGHere it is before felting. 

dsc01317.JPGAnd here is the rim before felting. I am showing you this as I have never tried to knit in the round using the magic loop method before. It was really awkward but it worked. I just didn’t like the first join. Too loose for my taste. I left it alone though as I figured felting would take care of it.

Here it is after feltingdsc01319.JPG. I don’t think I let it felt long enough though.

dsc01320.JPGHere is why. The holes are tiny and really don’t pose much threat but I think I might try to felt it more tomorrow. Can I do that? Or will it just get ruined?

dsc01321.JPGThis is what I hope it will look like when finished. Well it already looks like this but it is still really flimsy. For the most part I am happy with it. My first little knick knack bowl. I am so proud!

Guess what! My absolutely thoughtful friend Hazel got me some really beautiful stitch markers! I will have to wait until tomorrow to get some pictures in good lighting so that you can see how gorgeous they are. I really love them! Thanks Hazel!!!

Stitchmarkers I madeHere are just a few of the Stitchmarkers I madestitchmarkers that I made myself.

Soon to be stitchmarkersAnd here are my soon to be stitchmarkers. I will try to get these together by this coming weekend.(Maybe)

BTW Tammy, I know my stash is nothing compared to yours. Besides the yarn harlot I don’t think ANYONE’s stash can compare to yours. LOL But you should know that I have not even attempted to take pictures of my stash cause that would mean I have something else to clean up later. And I, like you, loathe cleaning. I would rather be knitting.

Must sleep now.