That is what my husband called me this morning. I had gotten the kids into the van and come back into the house to grab my knitting. And he actually called me obsessed. To which I replied”Why yes I am thank you very much!” and walked out the door to take the kids to the park.

So what if I knit wherever I go. Heck I have a friend that actually knits and crochets at stoplights for crying out loud.(no I don’t do that. not enough time between green lights to do me any good.) I would probably knit while sitting in a restaurant while waiting to be served if hubby dearest wouldn’t look at me as if I had lost my mind and said “That is so rude!” Ha! This coming from the man that will be walking around the mall and fart then exclaim”Don’t slip in that!”

So. Now that I have ranted about my hubby obsessing about my obsession. I have 2 projects going right now with one more about to be swatched. I have a present for someone I cannot name and I cannot say what it is either cause she reads my blog. Then there are these adorable little sachets that I am making for me and a few others in my family. Those are actually on the needles right now.

I have recently acquired some absolutely beautiful 100% bamboo yarn made by Twize in the color Twurple. It is sooooo cool. I will have to get pics for you. I am gonna swatch the candle flame shawl from knitpicks and see how that looks.

Well while the kids are napping I had better go and knit(I know those dishes are still in the sink. I will get them later. Maybe.)