Remember that one from camp? I have been singing it ALL week long. But really I was in one heck of a rut. You might want to sit down for this. I have not felt like knitting!!! It is just way too hot and I have been way too grumpy. I know I know. Things will be alright and I will knit again. Actually I finally started knitting again on the 1st.

Granny's FavoriteI did a simple dishcloth(Granny’s favorite) in Sugar & Cream Violet veil. This has got to be my absolute favorite dishcloth so far. I am going to try the garterlac from Criminy Jickets sometime in the future.

Candy wrapper sachet Here is the beginnings of a candy wrapper sachet. Got the pattern from One Skein. And the yarn from Tammy at Cozystitches.

ClapotisWell folks, I started Clapotis. I am using the Twize 100% bamboo in Twurple and my Knitpicks size8 needles. So far so good. Getting a little boring though. I am on row 5 of the 3rd round of section 2. Wow that is a mouthfull. I placed a lifeline after section 1 and will be placing another one after this round. I REALLY don’t want to have to frog all the way to the beginning if I make a mistake. Ya know? 

Frog dishcloth up closeHere is the dishcloth that I made for my sister. In case you can’t tell it’s a frog.  She LOVES frogs. I still have to mail it off too her but hopefully she won’t read my blog before she gets it. LOL! Frog DishclothHere is a better picture.

I hope to be working on Odessa soon too. She is a beautifully beaded hat that I want to make for myself and one for someone I will name later. It is Grumperina’s design on Mag Knits. Really very pretty. I just need to get some beads for it.

Must go and get lunch for the kiddos.