Well I have started another baby blanket. This one is for my friend Lisa. Well for someone in her family(or is it one of her friends? I can’t remember now) I am using Red Heart in a variegated pastel. Pinks yellows greens and blues. I am using a size H crochet hook and it is in a round ripple pattern. I have used 1 and 1/2 skeins so far and when I start the 3rd I will use a pastel pink. I think that will be very pretty. As soon as I can I will take pictures.

I have also recieved a request for a couple of knit caps for my stepdad Scott. Poor thing is bald and his head gets cold easily. I hate a cold head don’t you?

So instead of starting the Odessa for Mom I found a couple of simple cap patterns from Headhuggers. The first is a stretchy knit cap (#8 i believe) with a K3, P1 ribbing. I am using #10 circs from KP and my gray denim Bernat. It’s acrylic but it is fairly soft. I think he will like it. I have only gotten about 3 inches done so far. Hopefully it will go a little faster now that I have the pattern down. I just don’t knit very fast.

I am also currently working on my 2nd granny’s fav. dishcloth. Using another variegated from Sugar and Cream. I absolutely love the simplicity of this pattern. So quick, mindless, and very pretty when using a variegated. Like paint smudges.

As predicted I must frog back to the begining of section 2 on poor Clappy. Apparently I still have a problem paying attn. to detail and knit where I should have purled and forgotten to slip a stitch here and there and of course I didn’t ktbl a couple of times. Thank goodness I used a lifeline. What a pain.

And that poor little candy wrapper sachet…I am just bored to tears with it. So it is just lying around untouched.

I am itching to re-cast my dancing in ballet socks. I would really like to be able to have a pair of socks for myself by the holidays. Keep your fingers crossed.

I have a couple of other things I want to work on too. Just need to get the WIPs that are on the needles done first. I can’t do too many at once otherwise I get overwhelmed and then nothing gets done. LOL It might be too late.

Pictures coming soon,