That is what I have been doing. Knitting and frogging. I found some really cool merino yarn at Michael’s Craft store. It is Patons Classic Wool I believe. I got it on sale for only 3.77 per skein. Since my stepdad likes the color blue I picked out 2 nice, manly, skeins. The name is Retro. It is royal blue, teal, tan, and dark brown. I like it alot.

Anyways. My stepdad has a large head. Not huge. But definatly bigger than say dear hubby. So when I cast on 72 sts. like the pattern 0n Headhuggers called for and happily knit about 3 in” of it I tried it on hubby’s head. Just to get an idea of how it was gonna look. I asked how it felt. Hubby then informed me that while it felt comfortable to him, it was very snug.

So I frogged and cast on again. This time I cast on 84 sts. Got about 2″ into it and  set it down in a place where my 2 wonderful toddlers could get ahold of it. Of course they thought that they were elves and tried to finish “knitting” it for me. But then this is their idea of knitting.

dsc01279.JPGdsc01283.JPG Granted they are using crochet hooks but they call it knitting. And they like to “help”.

Anyways I have cast on yet again and I have almost 10 rows completed. But I have a feeling in the bottom of my gut that I must frog again and make it larger.

I have another hat in that grey denim from Bernat that I am doing for stepdad. That might not need to be frogged though. It is really stretchy and cushy and comfy and I have a feeling it will be fine. And if not, then I want it! LOL

The moral here? Wait for my mother to get me the danged measurements for his head!!!!

 So I went back to crocheting the round ripple I have been slaving away at. I really like the pattern. It is easy and fairly mindless. And it goes fairly fast. It is currently at 33″ from point to point. I want it larger though. So I will be adding about 1 more full skein of Red Heart. It has been a variegated color so far. But since it is for a baby girl I decided to make the last few rounds in pink.

I must set goals for myself though. I have to many things going on in my head and need to get them straightened out. In other words I keep finding patterns that I want to make but need to keep myself on track to actually accomplish a few FO’s here.

1. Finish round ripple for friend by Friday 9-29. Finished on 9-26-06

2. Finish London Beanie and grey denim ribbed hat for stepdad. Need for Christmas.

3. Cast on and finish Odessa for Mom. Need for Chanukah.

4. Crochet Tropical tote bag for mom.

5. Cast on and finish a cell phone cozy for Sis. Need for Chanukah.

6. Dye Kona superwash and actually make a decision on a shawl pattern to make.

7. Finish Clapotis.

8. Cast on and finish a pretty belt for DD.

9. Frog and re-cast orange fun fur hat for DS.

10. Cast on and finish 1 pair of socks!

11. Knit 1 frog and 1 angel dishcloth for DF.

12. Knit 1 purple dragonfly dishcloth for ME!

I promise to take pictures of my WIP’s tomorrow in good light and post them ASAP.