Just wanted to update you guys on my progress with Clapotis. If you remember I had started it before and actually had problems counting for some reason. I kept forgetting to ktbl or pfb. And then I dropped a stitch(before I was supposed to and in the wrong place too). I was sooooo mad! But when I finished the round ripple I decided to frog old Clappy and started over completely. That was on Friday(9-29) afternoon.

ClapotisHere it is Sunday(10-01) morning. I must admit that this bamboo( while VERY silky soft and fluffy) is getting extremely heavy. I am almost through with the first skein.

ClapotisHere it is inside. I couldn’t seem to get a true color picture. It really is in between the one outside and the one inside.

As of Sunday I was on Row 6 of the 6th round of section 2. It is actually going alot more smoothly since I had my AHA! moment. I swear that the lightbulb over my head flickered on just long enough for me to “get it”. I actually read the patterns notes and instead of trying to count out the stitches, I just ktbl before the stitchmarker, k1, and then ktbl. I know that is what the pattern says but of course I didn’t read that part. Or I subconsiously chose to ignore it cause (as you all know) I simply must do things the hard way.

Well. I must go and get some cleaning done. Oh who am I kidding?! I am gonna go and start another project probably.