I have finally finished the ever elusive hat for my stepdad. I got the formula here


Yarn: Patons Classic Wool in(as soon as I remember the color name I will tell you.)
Started 10-08-06

Finished 10-20-06

Needles: Knitpicks size 9 circs
Magic Loop method

I really hope it fits him. I am afraid it will be too big. But Mom is insisting that he has a large head and it is 24″ around. So I followed the formula and am keeping my fingers crossed. If it doesn’t fit I will be extremely upset and will cry ball my eyes out and pitch one holy hell of a fit. Kicking and screaming included.

Better top view

I like the way the colore pooled in a swirl around the top. You can kind of see it in the back. But trust me it goes all the way around.
My first hat! I am actually just really happy to have finished my very first hat ever. Not that hats are hard. I just have never done one before. Hence the hemming and hawing over a pattern and size in past posts.

I still have Clappy waiting in the sidelines. I have become bored again. Just can’t seem to get into it for now. So it must wait until I have decided I want to play with it again. Gosh I am such a Nudge!

As for the gift I mention last post. I still haven’t sewn it together yet. My friend Tammy found some fabric that will be just right for the lining. Now I just have to get off my ass and do it. Especially since the recipient’s birthday is on the 25th and I have to mail it to Georgia to get it to her. My sister’s gift is done. Has been for a while. Just need to mail it. Her birthday is TOMORROW! Oh well. No better way to stretch the festivities out than with a late present or card.

Speaking of gifts. I have found the perfect Orange yarn for my DS’s hat. And again Tammy has come through with a pattern for a capelet that I will adjust to make a poncho for DD. I got a Pound of Love by Lion Brand in lavendar that will be just perfect for her. if I have enough I will make a hat too. I am really excited.

Must go and contemplate dinner now. No one ever gives me any input so I must figure it out all by my lonesome.