I purchased my very first pattern last Friday. That capelet I told you about? That’s the one! Isn’t she beautiful?! The only problem is that the pattern isn’t here yet. They mailed it First Class. 2-5 business days right? Geez! When I send stuff 1st class to my mom in GA or my sis in AL they get it the day after I mail it off! (and vice versa) Why is it when you really want something it takes FOREVER to get to you?

Well when it finally gets here I am going to alter it to make it longer(poncho sized) and get started. I am really excited! I also found a hat that I think would look just right to go with it. What do you think?

As for DS’s orange hat, I haven’t started yet. I can’t seem to get it in gear with that one. I was going to do just a basic hat pattern like my stepdad’s but I just don’t feel like that is what it needs to be. I have thought about adding cables but I have never done any cable work before. A little intimidated by them.(I know that once I do it I won’t have a problem and that I shouldn’t let a little cabling bother me but that doesn’t change anything.) I just can’t seem to find a pattern that I like for him. Just gonna keep looking a little bit more. I don’t want something fancy. But I don’t want something too plain either. And I am not interested in just adding a pom pom on top!(someone already mentioned that) He is an almost 4 year old little boy. And he wants an bright orange hat. Any suggestions?

As for my WIP’s. I currently have some Bernat Cotton Tots in Sweet Dreams and Lavender that I am making washcloths with. And I have started on another project that I am very unsure about but excited at the same time. It’s a candle flame shawl from KnitPicks. I am using size 4 circs with Alpaca Cloud in Autumn. I am still working the 1st 18 rows of the border so I haven’t really gotten into the pattern enough to know if I like it or not. We shall see. I will try to take pictures this weekend.

As for socks, I am still in love with the Bearfoot that I won from Allyson and I am still fascinated with making socks but I just can’t seem to get a pair knit. Something always seems to get in the way. Whether it be the dishes or a few dropped sts that just make me want to throw them across the room or what. It is always something. But I have sworn that I WILL get at least one pair of socks knit just for me one of these days. I get so envious reading everyone elses blogs and seeing all of the beautiful and comfy looking socks. Sigh.