First, I want everyone that reads this blog(I know there aren’t many.LOL!) to go here. Apparently there is a Football blogger that feels that knitting needs to be “put in it’s place” and is not worthwhile. Ummmm o…k… If you say so dude. You stay in your own little football world. Us knitters will go on without you and every one else will be stylish and warm while you stay bruised, beat-up, cold, and uncomfortable. Among other things.

Don’t get me wrong. I like football just fine. Watch it and play it. But don’t go talking #!*% about something you know absolutely nothing about. Maybe you should try picking up 2 sticks and some string making something beautiful, warm and functional out of it! You really should think hard about the people you have insulted here. Like so many people before me have said. Us knitters wield very sharp, pointy sticks and we aren’t afraid to use them!

Ok. I think I am done now. Just make sure you don’t go to his site as it will give him hit points. Go to the site above so that our popularity will grow and we can show him who’s the more widely known!

Now for the good stuff. First up, some yarn. Nothing extremely special. Ok one is 2 of them are really awesome. The other 2 are just there.
Mountain Colors Bearfoot, MeadowThis is what my socks are made of. You will see them later.
Carons Simply softThis is to be Joey’s hat. I think I finally found a pattern that will be really cool.
Alpaca CloudThis is just beautiful! It is Alpaca Cloud from Knitpicks. It is so soft and I just love to touch it. And I really enjoy knitting with it. It’s laceweight and for now it is being knit up into this…Candle Flame Shawl & this Candle Flame Shawl But I am having second thoughts about the pattern. It is really pretty but I don’t really like how the flames are horizontal instead of vertical. I tossing around the idea of this pattern instead. What do you think?

Patons Classic WoolThis is what I hope to be Odessa. I think it will be very nice.

I have been working on a dish/washcloth on and off.Cotton Tots Just mindless knitting for when I get bored or pissed with whatever project I am working on. I really like the Cotton Tots. It is nice and squishy.

Now for my most exciting acheivment(I think so anyway). My socks!!!Socks Aren’t they awesome? I finished the toes(QK’s fan toe) Fan Toe A first for me. And am in the midst of the foot before the gusset. I am working them 2 socks on 2 circs with QK’s formula. I actually was doing some extreme knitting with my friend Tammy today at the park and accidentally ended up with both socks on one circ. There is a picture but you will have to wait. Tammy has to send it to me first. Which could take a while.

I will be fixing my circular problem later tonight after the kids go to bed. That is all I need is to drop a stitch. I will surely have a coronary and shrivel up and die. Ok maybe not die. Just cry alot. Why? Cause I don’t know how to fix my own mistakes. But you can bet that I will be researching how before I attempt to transfer one sock to the other circ.

I will let you know how everything turns out later.