First of all I am proud to show you all this…What's this?
Can you guess what it is? Yup! It’s my very first attempt at cables! Joey's Hat And I figured it out all by myself!!!!! No online help. No books. I just remembered that someone had said that it is basically just knitting sts out of order. I can’t remember who though. Anyways, this is Joey’s hat. He decided that he didn’t like the braided cable that I had picked out so I just winged it with cables and ribbing. I had seen a pattern here and was going to follow it but I didn’t have the pattern with me when I started. So I just went with what I could remember. Which was how many sts to cast on. Joey's hatI used on 40″ circ from Knitpicks to do the magic loop and prayed that I would be on gauge. So far so good I think! I was afraid of the obnoxiously bright orange but it is actually not as bad as I was expecting.

Remember those pictures I promised? Well here they are…Extreme Knitting
This one is a little blurry. That is due to all of that ACTION we were experiencing. Note: Don’t try this at home. Knitting and sliding down a plastic slide can be extremely hazardous to your well being.

Here you will find Tammy working on her cabled earwarmer for her DH. She is delicatley balanced on very thin metal bars. Shhhh. A loud startling noise might cause her to fall several inches to her doom!
Below is what happens when you don’t leave an extreme knitter alone long enough to get sufficient time in with her projects! Deprivation

If one more person asks me to push them on the swings I swear I will impale myself on my needles!

Here is Tammy egging me on whilst she sits on her duff knitting. Witch!!!Tammy

At least Jeff arrived and took over for me. JeffJeffSuch a Love isn’t he? I think we all have this thing with showing off our tongues though. Is this a problem? Maybe we need counseling.