I chose this title for a few reasons. I hope I can manage to get my whirlwind of a mind to slow down enough to explain them to you. (See I have a ton of things running through my head and if I don’t write what I want to talk, blog, etc. about I WILL forget about it within minutes. A very big problem for me.) I hope you don’t mind. And I hope I don’t ramble. And I hope you can follow what I am saying. OK enough. Sorry.

I am left wanting of alot of things. I am finding out that I am a very jealous person. Jealous of all of the cool things I see on everyone else’s blogs or websites. As of right now we are a young family of 4 just trying to make things work. (Or make a paycheck last longer than an hour. Bills are a such a bitch!) I know that things will not always be this way as I am we are not going to let them be this way forever. But I can’t help but long for the finer things in life knitting.

I want a knitting room like this.

I don’t want to have it exactly like Alyson’s but I am definitely envious of the coziness of it all. I want a big comfy chair and ottoman(or a large comfy loveseat that I could spread out on. I want a tv. A big desk and computer(for the hours of hunting for the perfect pattern, notions, yarn, etc.) with printer(gotta be able to print out those patterns now.) I want a nicely sized side table or coffee table that will hold my cuppa whatever it is I am drinking at the moment. And I want a nice chest to hold my afghans and throws that I knit/crochet myself.(Better get crackin on that I know.) And of course I would need a large book case and some sort of cool modular shelving unit to house all of my books and yarn that I will be acquiring. Must have a closet too. Gotta be able to hide all the yarn that I acquire in mass so that Jeff doesn’t find out. (Isn’t that a fear among all knitter’s? That their significant others will find their stash overfloweth and cut them off?)

I want to be better at knitting. For instance, I still have yet to finish those socks I started. I made Joey’s hat too short.(I wanted it to cover his ears better. As of now I have to stretch it down to cover just the tops. Yes I will be picking up the sts and adding on to it. Just not yet) I want to be able to fix my mistakes. I still don’t know how to fix a dropped st. I actually have put a pin in it to keep it from dropping further and either tinked back to the mistake or actually frogged back to it. So annoying!

I want to be able to knit faster and with more ease. The need to produce more FO’s is driving me mad. I don’t know why. It just is. There is just so much to knit and so little time to do it. That and the fact that I find a pattern that I just absolutely adore, decide to make it, and lose interest in it before I can actually afford to get the yarn I want for it or find the time to sit and actually knit it. I was going to make that beautiful poncho for Livy and since I have recieved the pattern(It took almost 3 weeks to get here) I just can’t bring myself to sit down, work the math to make it a poncho in her size, and knit it. Dunno why really. Just can’t. I also wanted to make something for my sis. I mean something other than that frog dishcloth I made so long ago and haven’t actually gotten around to mailing it out. (Even though her birthday was in Oct.) I am such a bad sister! I just feel like I haven’t produced enough. I want more. More FO’s to be proud of. More FO’s that people oooh and aaahh over. More gifts that my family can say “Why thank you! My daughter, sister, grandaughter, neice, cousin, friend made it for me.) Etc., Etc., Etc.

I want to stop getting bored with WIP’s and actually finish them instead of throwing them in a heap in the corner behind the recliner. Note to self: Find a better way to store WIP’s and yarn. Too much dust behind that chair and I am sure that Mocha(the cat) loves to sleep there. Hence all the lovely tortiose shell colored fur I keep finding.

I want to learn to dye my wonderful Kona yarn that I spent months pinching pennies to buy. Another note to self: Catnip yarns now has Henry’s attic cheaper that what I paid for it in a co-op. I not only want to dye my yarn. I want to PAINT it. It sounds tedious, aggravating, and potentially messy. But I want to do it.

I want to learn Fair Isle. That way I can be even more proud of myself.

I want to make fingerless gloves.

I want to learn how to use DPN’s. Circs are what I find easiest but I find my self longing for some nice bamboo dpn’s or even these. Ok I just went to the link and the silver ones are not pictured anymore. Of course those are the ones I want. And of course they have to be the most expensive. Sigh. Anyways. I think there is something romantic about dpn’s.

And guess what. I have been thinking about learning how to spin lately. I have been seeing everyone else do it. Yarn Harlot, Hazel, Alyson, and many more. It just seems so satisfying. To make your own yarn! Wow! I gotta hand it to them though. They still manage to knit too. Where do they find the time?! I want to know!!!!! RIGHT NOW! TELL ME SO I CAN DO IT TOO! Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeee.(I am whining now. Jeez. I need a life.)

Now that I have pissed and moaned about what I don’t have(or know how to do). I will tell you a little bit about the few things I DO have on the needles right now. No pictures of any thing though. Sorry.
I am currently making Kitty Pi for Mocha. This is (so far) the project getting the most attention. It will not be as wonderfully colored as Wendy’s (or any of the others in the gallery for that matter.) But it will serve it’s purpose and Mocha will love me for it. I am using my brown wool that I got from Tammy and will be using the Paton’s classic wool left over from my stepdad’s hat to do the top.

Yesterday I crocheted 3 Angel dishcloths and hope to churn out a few more. Gonna give them as gifts to my Granny and Aunt. I think they will like them. Hope so anyways.

I also am making myself a hat in Paton’s classic wool. So far I am not thrilled with the colors though. It is reminding me of neopolitan ice cream. While I enjoy eating it, I do not like to wear it. But at least for now my head will be warm and I will have found a use for the offending yarn.

I have gotten 6 rows into the Forest Canopy Shawl. I am unsure of how I feel about it so far. Need to work on it more. (Gotta get it out of the corner first)

I have done about 3 ” on Joey’s cabled scarf. It too is sitting in the corner. Once again. Bored.

I think that is it. I probably have one or 2 other things that I have forgotten. If I think of them(or find them amongst the dust bunnies) I will add them to the list.

Thank you for listening to me ramble. I know I promised that I wouldn’t. But I did anyways. My blog. I can do what ever.