I just got my first Chanukah present in the mail yesterday! My mom got me a ball winder! Woo Hoo!!!! Of course I was too excited and too much in a hurry to open the box and play with it to take any pictures. Heck! I still haven’t taken any pics of the Angels I crocheted! Anyways. My ball winder is the standard sized Royal made in China. White and blue plastic and metal. And I think it is totally AWESOME! Thanks Mommy! You ROCK!

Been really uckies around here lately. Everyone is sick in someway or another. Me and my post nasal drip have insomnia. Jeff has the aches and pains of the flu. Livy just keeps saying she doesn’t feel good(I think it’s a growth spurt. Hey! Growing bones can’t feel good. Must be like being drawn and quartered)  And Joey has just been a general nudge nik. I have just wanted to beat him about the head and neck with his own limbs!!!!!

My point was that I sat up and crocheted 4 hot pads. They were all supposed to be for my granny and aunt but I decided that I liked 2 of them too much and will probably try to keep them for myself. Dunno yet.

Oh damn it! Livy is awake! Again!