Kids are at Poppa and Grandma’s house from 8 am til 6 pm. Jeff is at work until 7 pm(won’t actually be home until about 7:30-8 pm. I have the entire house to myself. There is a ton of cleaning to do. Laundry too. I am not lacking in the knitting dept. Tons to do there. Yet here I am sitting in front of the computer, working on my blog. Oh yeah! I forgot I wanted to hurry up and dye my hair while I have no kids! Be right back…

Ok I have got 30 minutes before I have to go and rinse. Where was I? Oh yeah. Why is it I am on the computer and not knitting or cleaning? Ummmm well the cleaning question should be obvious. I simply don’t wanna. I might do the dishes around 5 pm just to say that I actually got SOMTHING done today. But that is it.

“And why are you not knitting?” you ask again. Because my Lovelys, I must wait on new cables from knitpicks to come in. See. The thing is. I absolutely love my KP circs! The needles are slick and sharp. The cables don’t stay curled up and aren’t stiff at all. But the glue holding said cable into needle join? Yeah that just sucks. I am currently having 6 cables and 3 of my classic circs replaced. All because the damn cables keep coming out of the freakin’ needle! So everything is now on waste yarn just looking pitiful.

What was that you said? Why am I not using any of my Boye or Susan Bates straights? Simple Lovelys. I can’t stand straight needles. I have a large handful of them. But they just sit in a vase looking dusty. What about the few Inox I have? The cables on them are all stiff and coiled and I don’t feel like taking the time to warm them up and straighten them out. Yes I could be doing that right now instead of sitting here complaining about it. But where is the drama in that?

What was I working on when I dropped about 50 stitches when the cable fell out of my needle for the last time? What was the last straw? I was knitting a Kippah for my Joey booger. I had planned to make 3. One each for Joey, Jeff and Scott. Chanukah is now over. And we used washcloths to cover our heads. Kinda silly now that I think about it. Oh well. I will get the replacements. Start over. And they will have Kippahs for the next time we need them.

The good news is that I got my swift on Thursday. Did I tell you about that yet? My Mommy got me another Chanukah present. A Glimakra swift. Really nice. I just have to re-tie one of the twines that got snapped in shipping but other than that it is brand spankin’ new. Still sealed in a plastic bag. Well I took it out of course. I had to open it up and spin it a few times. Couldn’t resist.

Oh yeah I forgot to show you the yarn that I was making Kippahs out of. It is a very wiley yarn I must say. Actually had the audacity to lounge around in my skychair I have out front while I unloaded the van.In MY chair!

I asked if it was comfy and it just stared at me.Louisa Herding

So I jerked it up and shook it a little bit and told it not to sass me! DSC01624
It then had the nerve to say this to me..DSC01623

Sigh. I’ll take pictures of the hair another time.