Ok I have been really busy and I will go into detail later.

-Finished hat for me I forgot to tell you about. Patons classic merino in Rose wood. Really pretty brown, pink maroon, and tan. But to me it looks like neopolitan ice cream. It looks nice on me but it makes my forehead itch.

-1/2 way done with a neck warmer similar to the luxe neckwarmer in Knit2together. I don’t have the book but I have seen a picture of it on Alyson’s FO list. It is just a simple feather and fan in the round. Same yarn as the hat. Gonna give both to Sis. She will like them alot.

-Must make kids mittens! Started on Joey’s tonight. Got one cuff done so far and will be working on it more while watching a movie with Jeff. Will be using same Caron’s Simply Soft as I used with his hat.

-Speaking of Joey’s hat. I still need to lenghten it. Will do that right after mittens.Cold baby hands come first.

-Sis is getting married some time in the next year(We hope). I will be making her garter and 3 little hand bags for her and the bridal party. (Me and her best friend) Don’t know when I will be starting those. Not until I get a couple more things finished first.

-Making bean bags for a couple of kid’s birthday parties we are going to soon.

I have been breaking my rule about not having toomany projects and can justify pretty much all of it. But it is driving me up the wall. I will get pictures and links to patterns up soon. (I hope)