I have totally neglected you. I have no good excuse. But if you are interested, I do have excuses for you. LOL Just not any really good ones.

From Feb. 14th thru Feb. 28th my kids and I were in Georgia and Alabama. My in-laws Christmas gift to me was a round trip flight whenever and for however long we liked to see my family. We flew out to visit my mom in GA. and then made a not so quick 3 hour drive to AL to see my Granny, Sis, and Aunt, Uncle and family. Then back to GA for a few more days before heading home. So with planning, packing, traveling, etc I just didn’t have much time to blog. What little time I did have I spent sleeping. I got wiped out. I actually was so busy that I needed a vacation from my vacation when I got home. It was a wonderful time had by all though.

Before that(on the 28th) I had a birthday and an anniversary(Yes on the same day. No I will not explain to you why. No it does not have anything to do with either mine or my husband’s memory either.) Anyways. According to my son. I am now old at 30 years of age. He’s lucky he is cute.

Jeff and I went out to the Melting Pot with my best friend and her hubby.(Their anniversary is just a few days before ours so we celebrated together) Then off to play put put golf. We had a WONDERFUL time.

As for my knitting… I didn’t get much done while out of town. Again, really busy and too tired to knit. I did however get my Hooray for me gloves frogged and re-cast. This time with both of them on 2 circs. Got about 1″ on the cuff done. And I busted out about 2 dishcloths for my mom before I left. You want pictures? Ummmmm remember how I had said I am too lazy to get out my damned camera and take some? Yeah that applies here too. Sigh…

As for an update on my WIPs

-That hat I made for myself out of the Paton’s Classic Merino is keeping my sister’s head very warm. She loves it.

-Luxe neck-warmer that I tried to improvise(remember I don’t have the pattern. Just went with a picture I saw.) Frogged. I just wasn’t happy with it.

-Made Livy’s mittens. Just can’t find them now. Crap!

-Joey’s hat is successfully lengthened.

-Bean bags are almost done. Just have to fill them and seam them together.

I am currently working on yet another granny’s fave dishcloth. Red and white. I just really like doing them cause they are pretty mindless and right now I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around anything more challenging than garter stitch. At least on a dishcloth if I screw up I don’t give a damn and either keep going and call it a design flaw or frog entire thing.

Oh I forgot to tell you that I started the gussets on my socks. One of these days I WILL finish them. Feel a great sense of accomplishment. And never have a problem knitting socks again.

Going to bed now.