I finally got off my duff and worked some fingers. And of course they were no where near as hard as I thought! I have no clue as to what I was afraid of. Picking up too many sts? Not enough? Holes? Who knows. Anyways. I got one glove done. Just need to weave in the ends and do the 2nd glove. Here are a couple of the pictures…Hooray for me gloves

Hooray for me gloves

And here is the finished fingers and thumb…Hooray for me gloves

Hooray for me gloves

I need to re-do the bind off in my forefinger and then weave in the ends. I had tried to bind off like the pattern says to(Bind off as if 1×1 rib) but I was not happy with the way it looked. I like the look of the braid around the fingers so I just did a regular BO.

I also made the fingers and thumb longer. I wanted them to come to my first knuckles. Not my middle knuckles. Looks a little funny to me. But I was not going for looks. I am going for function. My knuckles get soooo extremely stiff in the winter so I wanted to keep them all warm and toasty. So what if my fingertips fall off from frostbite! I can still bend my fingers!!!!! LOL

Update on my Forest Canopy- Frogged. Re-cast today though. I had made a boo boo somewhere about 5 rows down and couldn’t figure out what exactly it was that I did wrong. Nor could I figure out how to fix it. So I tried to frog down just about 6-7 rows and then pick up the sts. Yeah that didn’t work out so well. Sigh. So I just sat at the frog pond and told myself that it was a fast knit and that I would have no trouble at all getting it done. We’ll see.