That is roughly what I have on the needles. Yeah I am still working on the Forest Canopy. And I am still only about 1/4 of the way done. I am finally enjoying knitting this though. Before everything was so tedious and I was getting bored. But the pattern is FINALLY beginning to sink in.

I am able to get a rhythm going and G-d help those near me if I am using my ipod while knitting. I don’t listen to podcasts. I listen to music that has a good beat. Whether it be Garth Brooks, Joe Satriani, Motzart, Tone Loc, or even some Pantera or Metallica. You name it. Problem is that I like to sing along. Badly. I can really clear out a room with my singing. I am that bad.

Oh I forgot to tell you! One of my FAVORITE cousins(only 6 months younger than I) is finally pregnant! They have been trying for a few years now and so far she is about 8-10 weeks along. I just need to figure out what exactly I want to make for the new baby. Also, Because I feel extremely guilty, I need to make something for my other cousin’s baby that is almost 1 year old now. I didn’t make anything before because I just didn’t know what to make and didn’t have time or money for yarn.

Sigh… So 2 new baby projects in the near future. Any ideas? Let me know. Don’t just say “baby blanket, jacket, cap, booties, etc.” Send me pattern ideas. Also yarn ideas and colors. I suck at picking out colors. I just like soft yarn. To me almost any color will do. LOL!