Ok so I am not actually melting. Just sweating to death in this flippin’ heat. So what do I do while I am dreaming of air conditioning and iced tea? I dye yarn! Ok so this is actually the first time I have ever done it. Wanna see so far? Of course you do!
DSC01758 Why is your yarn in the sink Momma?

I am going to dye it Hun. DSC01761

Strawberry DSC01762, Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade DSC01763,

Pina Pineapple mixed with Orange DSC01764, and Grape DSC01765 . I wanted a brighter orange(almost fluorescent) which is why I mixed in the Pina Pineapple with the orange. And I was hoping for a more pink color than red with the strawberry. Let’s see what happens…

I used my big enamel stock pot with the insert thingy (I think it is a steamer basket) for a double boiler. DSC01767 It seems like it took forever to heat up! DSC01766

Here it is about 5 minutes after adding the yarn and more hot water to cover it.DSC01768

And this is 30 minutes after adding the yarn. DSC01770 I pulled the middles up a little to see kinda what it was gonna look like.

Once the jars were cooled off enough I pulled them out to see if I could speed the cooling process. DSC01771 I’m not impatient or anything.

Here is a close up. Orange and purple-DSC01772
Red and blue?-DSC01773 Can we even call it blue? Aqua? Turquoisey?

DSC01774 I don’t like that there is still some white left.

It doesn’t look so bad here. DSC01775

It’s still cooling right now. I moved it to the dining room table under the ceiling fan. Again, I am not impatient. As soon as it is cooled enough I am going to give it a VERY gentle bath with some wool wash(I think it is Kookaburra? Have to look.) and take more pictures. Check back in a couple of hours to see how it turned out.