I woke up this morning from one of the weirdest dreams! I won’t bore you with all of the details. But I can tell you that I had lost all of my hair, learned to spin in the space of an hour, and hand spun my hair. Then I dyed it(can’t remember what color. Probably purple) and knit it into a hat to cover my bald head! WTF?! Very weird!


In other news. There is some bad news. There has been a visit to the frog pond again here at my house. Clapotis was given a fair trial and after about 20 minutes deliberation the jury came back with a verdict. Guilty as charged for soul sucking(That is what Mouse called it I believe. Oops. She said it was “Sucking her will to live“) The judge then sentenced Clapotis to frogging in the pond.

Her remains will be re-wound into a yarn cake and be put to better use knit up in a nice drapey nightie. The one from Mason-Dixon Knitting to be precise.

I also need to get you some pictures of my swatch, stepdad’s cap, and Forest Canopy. Hopefully that will happen soon.

Now for the possible TMI. (No graphic pictures I promise) There is a sweater/blouse/shirt that I want to knit. Dunno about the yarn yet. Dunno when either. See. G-d and my genes granted me a very large chest. Then I had kids and it just got larger. Not too long ago my Dr. and I have talked about a reduction. But first I must lose about 10-15 lbs. Then we can discuss having insurance pay for the reduction. Since I am extremely excited about this and really want to do it, I have tried to lose the weight. So far I have lost about 5 lbs. according to the Dr.’s scale. By my scale I have lost quite a bit more. By my scale I went from 172 to 163. That is 9 lbs.! So I am getting a little frustrated.

When I saw Sahara I fell in love. So I have decided that she will be my reward for losing the weight and going through the hell of a breast reduction. I will knit her while recouping from surgery. So with Sahara’s encouragement, the note on the fridge(Lose the weight! Lose the boobs!) I will be triumphant! I would like any and all ideas as to which yarn to use and whether it should be solid, solid with a different color neckline, beads, no beads, variegated, etc. etc. etc.

Thanks for listening to me. Just needed to get that all off of my chest. (Hardee Har Har! I kill me!)