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Scout is having a contest so go and check it out! Winner gets a skein from her gallery. How can you pass that up?



(Title is totally stuck in my head Sorry.)

I got mail goodies!!!!! Wanna see? Of course you do! My mail lady is off for the week so when the door bell rang (AT NAPTIME!) I was a little peeved. (ALWAYS let sleeping children lie! Thank G-d they didn’t wake up!) The sub had rung the bell and dropped this pkg from Alyson carelessly on my doorstep.


I behaved this time and actually ran to get my camera instead of instantly RIPPING the pkg to shreds to see it’s contents. When I finally got it inside the house and opened I was a little confused. I was expecting just some YoYo handspun (Cause I whined about how I am so broke and can’t afford her prices but want to play with her yarn so badly I can hardly stand it.)from the contest that I won that no one knew she was having(her included. LOL) But instead of just a skein of yarn I pulled out all of this…
DSC01821 This is definitly more than I was expecting. That blackish brown envelope in the middle there was bulging and heavy(well heavier than a card).

DSC01822 Goodies? What goodies?

Now my mommy always taught me to open the card before the gift but this time I did not behave at all! I went straight for what was obviously the yarn. Ripped the paper apart and took a good long wiff of this…..
DSC01825 Not such a great picture considering the lighting sucks at my house when it is like thisDSC01817 Here it is a little closer. I can’t seem to get the color right but trust me it is awesome!DSC01826 DSC01831 DSC01828 Is she naming this after moi? How cool is that! And how cool are these moo cards she made up? DSC01827(I just upgraded my Flickr acct so I can do all of the cool things that everyone else is doing. Just one more thing to play with online. HA!)

Anyways. I finally got around to opening the brown envelope(Joey had already gotten started on it while I was distracted taking pictures of the yarn.) and I got a little light headed. There was so much cool stuff in there! Look!


DSC01845 Stitchmarkers. DSC01841 Coasters. DSC01847 Mini Hate Mail. DSC01842 Sheep card. DSC01843 Screen Print card.Plus the SOAK and the lavendar sachet you saw in front of the envelopes.

Speaking of envelopes. What is in this one? DSC01832 Didn’t she send enough already? Oh wait. It’s the card that I forgot about. Sorry Mommy.

DSC01839 Wow! She didn’t have to apologize! Of course it was worth it. I was never worried in the first place. I love the stationary though.

This is the back of it.DSC01838

Thanks for everything Alyson!!!!! Your site is always a joy to stalk read. The contests are always interesting. And the prizes are always awesome.