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Took the yarn to the park today. (Kids too.) DSC01782

I had over heard the yarn talking so I tried to eavesdrop.


They were basking in the sun as I walked up. When one turns to the other and says…”Should we shoot some hoops?

“We have no stinkin’ arms you DOOFUS! How the hell are we supposed to shoot hoops?!” DSC01792

When I saw that things were about to get ugly I told them to settle down and play nice. No more name calling.

DSC01797 “Fine! Let’s just swing for a bit.”

“Ok. Do ya think that lady will put the damned camera down and give us a push?” DSC01798

(The answer to that last question was a great big no. To freakin’ hot to stand in the sun and push annoying little yarn cakes on the swings.)

DSC01800 “Well at least someone is willing to hang out with us!”

DSC01786 “Unlike some people we know”



The orange and purple is dry and I got it wound into a center pull cake. I was gonna just leave it as a hank but I want to knit it up to see what it looks like. I just have to figure out what to make out of it. It’s worsted weight Lion’s Brand Wool.

As for the red and blue, it is still slightly damp. So I guess I will be leaving it to dry over night. (As if half the night isn’t over already! Ha!) I want to go ahead and knit a swatch with the orange and purple but I also want a picture of it in the cake. And there really is crap for lighting in this house. Unless it is daytime everything turns out yellow or orangey. So I guess I have no choice but to wait. (Big Heavy Sigh)

Earlier I saw that Alyson had posted again. So I naturally went and checked it out. (She is one of my favorite bloggers aside from the Harlot of course.) I had to read her post 2 times to make sure I was understanding what the hell she was talking about.(Note to self: You are not able to have more than 2 Capt. Morgan & Cokes while remaining completely coherent.)

She decided that since I was her 1,000th email in one of her email accounts that I should get some sort of goody. Not a clue as to what but hey, who cares? I am just excited to be her 1,000th post/email. You should really go and check her blog out. Her new hubby is now a knitter and there is some sort of torrid affair between a tiny sock and some poor little girl’s shoe. Simply Shameful. I think she needs to rename her blog to something like “As the Yo Yo Spins” and have some commentator with a big booming voice. Yes she is that funny.

Well it is about a quarter to 1 am. I am pretty much wide awake in the brain but my body is just absolutely dragging. I think I will go and knit on my stepdad’s night cap. Maybe I will be able to slow down my brain enough to go to sleep.


After bath. Hangin’ around the monkey bars. Crappy backyard lighting. Sorry.



More to come.