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(Quick name that movie!)

I had some strange urge to check out my blog stats just a minute ago. 95 hits today! Who in the hell has come over to check me out?!!!!! The most hits I have had in one day (before today of course) is 69! And since I have not done jack a squat over here lately there have only been stragglers here and there. Needless to say I am FLABBERGASTED!

So whomever you are and where ever you are come on back and post a comment. Let me know you are out there and what brought you here. You have all peaked my curiosity.

Now for the good stuff…

I HAVE KNITTING CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!! No pictures or anything. Just a little update.

Mom’s Calorimetry is done. Took me all of 2 days and I added 3 baby cables in the middle. Tammy taught me how to do them without actually making a cable. They came out GREAT! Sent it off to mom already though so I have to rely on her to get me a picture(Did you hear me Mom?! TAKE A PICTURE!!!)

I finished the blue and green pinwheel for Hadass. Sent it off to mom also so she could add to the package and then ship everything at once to Israel.

Purple and green pinwheel is about 50% done. Liad is not due until mid January so I have a little bit of time left.

Hooray for me gloves still need fingerless fingers, Forest canopy got frogged to death, Have several dishcloths that need to have their ends woven in, and I need/want to get started with my socks again.

Orly(my sister) got me some really lovely Kid Mohair in a pretty baby blue to make her a scarf with. She found it at the 4th Ave. St. Fair here in Tucson and paid way too much money for it. But it is nice and hopefully I can find a pattern that will suit her.

I also bought some pretty yarn from Yo Yo to make sure that Li’l Bit got cookies after surgery. It is a really pretty variegated red. I think that is what you would call it. I am not getting off of my tushy to go and look right now.

As for the rest of my life? Well…I have just been really busy I guess. I started my own Mary Kay business and am working very hard at that. It is going great so far and will only get better. So if you are interested in skin care or color then give me a holler. We have all new formulas, a new line of lip colors, and brand new mineral foundation out now.

Now if only I could find more hours in the day to get everything done…


I forgot to get some pics of the pinwheel today so it will have to wait until tomorrow. Here is the prayer/thought shawl I made for Lois. Nothing fancy. Very plain and simple. But VERY comfy and warm. The kids and I went over to her house to swim and I gave it to her then. I think she really liked it. She says she can’t wait for cooler weather so that she can actually use it. I hope she can get tons of usage out of it.Lois' thought shawl
You can kind of see the edging in this pic.Lois' thought shawl
And not that it is exciting but here is a closeup of the miles of garter st.
Lois' thought shawl
I know I said I was getting really tired of working on this shawl. I think it was just a bad day. I honestly think my hands craved the mindlessness of it all. It felt good to just knit without worry of mistakes. I thought alot about my mom. I thought alot about Lois and her mom. I just thought alot. Ya know?

Start: June 28th 2007
Finish: August 8th 2007
Needle: Knitpicks size 11
Yarn: Lion brand? one pound skein, 100% acrylic
pattern: Used Granny’s favorite dishcloth pattern minus the decreases.
Size: Roughly 66″ across the top

Things I would do different? I might use a larger needle next time.

But you can’t see them yet. Prayer shawl is finished. I have washed it and it is drying now. going to sit down and write a letter and give it to Lois. Once I have done that I will post the pics. Cause I know she probably already knows about it since I was bonehead enough to forget that she reads this blog and posted about it in earlier entries. But I don’t want to give the entire surprise away.

Also I have started on Hadass’ baby blanket. She is one of my first cousins in Israel. Due in October I believe. I am using Caron’s simply soft brites in Blue mint and Limelight green. Pinwheel pattern. It is coming along nicely so far. I am not happy with my join of the colors though. But since I am on deadline and am very impatient I am learning as I go and calling my “mistakes” “pattern enhancements” just to give it more flare. Ya know? 😉

Calorimetry will be started soon also. Mom gets here in 12 days. It isn’t a surprise to her. She knows she is getting it. So I just want to have it done before she leaves on the 5th of Sept. I am cheap and want to save on postage. Ha!

~ Viv

I have been really lazy busy lately so I will try to make up for it today.

Hooray for me glovesI have gotten to the fingers on my Hooray for me gloves and stopped. Don’t know why. Just did. I think I have a massive fear of new things. I have never done fingers on gloves before. Just thumbs on mittens. I know there isn’t much difference but I just seem to have hit a wall with them.Hooray for me gloves I really am in love with these so I am hoping to get my nerve up soon so I can finish them. The colors (LL Motherlode) are absolutely gorgeous. And they feel so good on my hands. Lorna’s Laces rock I swear it!!!Hooray for me gloves I was kinda scared of the gold mixed with the pinks and purples. Not a big gold fan here. But it is really working out great.

Now for my project that is in a massive time out!!!! I sent these suckers back to there corner after frogging the first heel!!!!!! Yup I frogged the damned heel. Turns out that I had made the foot too long and started my gussets too late. Which resulted in a heel that looked like an elf’s shoe on my foot backwards! I forgot to take a picture cause I was so flamin’ mad. But here they are frogged back to the end of the gussets.Bearfoot socksI still have to frog the gussets and a little bit of the foot. But for now they can sit until I can cool off about the whole mess!

Bearfoot socks

See how they are bunched up around the top of my foot? That’s cause I didn’t have them stretched out over my foot completly. Something about holding a camera and stretching a sock all while fending off 2 camera hogging toddlers.

After I got scared of the fingers and pissed at my heel, I went on a dishcloth spree. Here are just a few pics for you to check out.







This is my very first ball band dishcloth. It is not as fun as I expected it to be. I have heard so many great things about them so I decided to give it a shot.

ball band dishcloth

I am happy with the way it is turning out but just don’t enjoy the process for some odd reason. It’s not hard or anything. Just boring to me. Which is kind of funny considering that I absolutely love the mindlessness of Granny’s favorite. Can’t you tell?

Currently I am working on my Forest canopy shawl. I had started it and then put it away(again something about toddlers. They seem to enjoy making it hard to keep count or read a pattern.)

I ended up frogging the whole 10 rows and decided to use the yarn for a different shawl(Fir cone square shawl from Folk Shawls). Did a swatch and didn’t like it one bit. I want a different color I think.

My friend Tammy started on her Forest canopy in some really beautiful colors and it made me want to try again.
Forest canopy shawl

Forest canopy shawl

Forest canopy shawl So far so good.


Ok I have been really busy and I will go into detail later.

-Finished hat for me I forgot to tell you about. Patons classic merino in Rose wood. Really pretty brown, pink maroon, and tan. But to me it looks like neopolitan ice cream. It looks nice on me but it makes my forehead itch.

-1/2 way done with a neck warmer similar to the luxe neckwarmer in Knit2together. I don’t have the book but I have seen a picture of it on Alyson’s FO list. It is just a simple feather and fan in the round. Same yarn as the hat. Gonna give both to Sis. She will like them alot.

-Must make kids mittens! Started on Joey’s tonight. Got one cuff done so far and will be working on it more while watching a movie with Jeff. Will be using same Caron’s Simply Soft as I used with his hat.

-Speaking of Joey’s hat. I still need to lenghten it. Will do that right after mittens.Cold baby hands come first.

-Sis is getting married some time in the next year(We hope). I will be making her garter and 3 little hand bags for her and the bridal party. (Me and her best friend) Don’t know when I will be starting those. Not until I get a couple more things finished first.

-Making bean bags for a couple of kid’s birthday parties we are going to soon.

I have been breaking my rule about not having toomany projects and can justify pretty much all of it. But it is driving me up the wall. I will get pictures and links to patterns up soon. (I hope)