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My wonderful, sweet, adoring, cuddle bug of a cat has snubbed my Kitty Pi. The little witch won’t come near it. I have yet to try catnip or treats as I ran out of those last week. As soon as I can get some I will try rubbing the catnip(or maybe get the catnip spray) all over Kitty Pi. Oh I forgot to show you the pictures after felting.
The bottom is all brown
And the edge curls a little bit.

I really like it though. It is much softer than I thought it would be. I kinda expected it to be a little scratchy. I have a good bit of the green wool left. I might make felted slippers with it. Who knows.




Kitty Pi is DONE folks! I just bound off and wove in the ends a little about 15 minutes ago. I actually got a couple of pictures. Not good pictures mind you. It’s 5:30 here and the sun is setting and I have crap for light in this house. And I am NOT going outside. (sick dragonfly here. No voice. Achey. The crud. Fun)

Kitty Pi
The colors are a chocolate brown and forest green of an unknown brand. 100% wool is all I know. I used size 13 circs(KnitPicks) and Patons Divine leftover from Jeffs Cowardly lion costume in place of eyelash yarn on the rim.
Kitty Pi

I decided that I would try felting(is it fulling or felting? I will use felting until someone corrects me.) it in the bathtub with my bare hands. I didn’t want to wait for the washer to be freed up from the 5 million loads of laundry I have yet to finish. Anyways. My point is that this stuff STINKS worse than wet dog! Now don’t get me wrong. I may not be a dog lover. I actually kinda like dogs. But WET DOG?! Makes me really appreciate my stuck up Mocha Kitty. I may get scratched up a bit when I give her a bath but at least she doesn’t smell funky.

So I squeezed most of the water out. Got all of our jeans from the dirty hamper. And threw it all in the washer on Hot/Warm on the Super Heavy Wash setting. I will check it soon. I just hope my jeans don’t stink. Gotta go and spray the bathroom. The stench is not only lingering, It’s eeking around through the hallway. Catch it while I can.


2 down!

Got the kid’s hats done! Now I just have to get Mom’s hat and bag, something for Sis, Livy’s poncho, and Joey’s scarf. Here are some pictures to tide you over just until I can find the time to actually blog about it all. Hope you all like!




3 AM Cables

3 AM Cables

3 AM Cables



It is done.

I have finally finished the ever elusive hat for my stepdad. I got the formula here


Yarn: Patons Classic Wool in(as soon as I remember the color name I will tell you.)
Started 10-08-06

Finished 10-20-06

Needles: Knitpicks size 9 circs
Magic Loop method

I really hope it fits him. I am afraid it will be too big. But Mom is insisting that he has a large head and it is 24″ around. So I followed the formula and am keeping my fingers crossed. If it doesn’t fit I will be extremely upset and will cry ball my eyes out and pitch one holy hell of a fit. Kicking and screaming included.

Better top view

I like the way the colore pooled in a swirl around the top. You can kind of see it in the back. But trust me it goes all the way around.
My first hat! I am actually just really happy to have finished my very first hat ever. Not that hats are hard. I just have never done one before. Hence the hemming and hawing over a pattern and size in past posts.

I still have Clappy waiting in the sidelines. I have become bored again. Just can’t seem to get into it for now. So it must wait until I have decided I want to play with it again. Gosh I am such a Nudge!

As for the gift I mention last post. I still haven’t sewn it together yet. My friend Tammy found some fabric that will be just right for the lining. Now I just have to get off my ass and do it. Especially since the recipient’s birthday is on the 25th and I have to mail it to Georgia to get it to her. My sister’s gift is done. Has been for a while. Just need to mail it. Her birthday is TOMORROW! Oh well. No better way to stretch the festivities out than with a late present or card.

Speaking of gifts. I have found the perfect Orange yarn for my DS’s hat. And again Tammy has come through with a pattern for a capelet that I will adjust to make a poncho for DD. I got a Pound of Love by Lion Brand in lavendar that will be just perfect for her. if I have enough I will make a hat too. I am really excited.

Must go and contemplate dinner now. No one ever gives me any input so I must figure it out all by my lonesome.




Here it is folks! Lisa’s Round Ripple. I have FINALLY finished it. The picture really doesn’t do it much justice. And I must do something about all that puckering in the middle! How the hell that happened I don’t know. But if you have a clue then let me in on the secret. It’s a real pain. Here are the specs…

Crocheted using size H/8 Boye hook

Red Heart in Baby print and Pink

pattern is from Angel Crafts .  

For all of my griping it actually was a quick and fun afghan.

The really neat part of my day came when I recieved notice that I won some yarn from Alyson . She had this really awesome contest where you had to give her suggestions on patterns she might like to knit. The winners got yarn from her stash that she was in great need of thinning. Go and check out her site! She is a totally cool nut! I really enjoy her blog.

I went looking at all of the suggestions that were made and I found a ton of things I want to knit. I am especially in love with the Mermaid gloves from Craftoholic. I am thinking that I will be doing those and a matching pair of Pomatomus socks as a nice gift to me!

As for my stepdad’s hats… Well they both are in the frog pond. Again. I just heard from my mom that his head is 24″ around. Now if you take my gauge(6 sts per in.) and multiply that by 24″,That is 144 sts! According to Miss Tammy ,that is way too many sts. She suggested about 90 some odd so I did a tiny bit of math(not too much though. didn’t want to fry my brain) and came up with 102 sts. for the London Beanie. The last time I cast on for it I did so with 84 sts. and it was still really snug on Jeff’s head. As for the grey denim, I have to check my guage on that one. I think I am just going to do a basic rolled brim with it instead of the ribs. It will be more comfortable that way I think(he will be wearing it to bed.)

Of course I didn’t take any pictures of them. I completely forgot. I am sorry. I will do my best to get pictures in good morning light. That seems to be the best around here.

I did however start yet another dishcloth.Cotton for dishclothsJust a Granny’s Fav. No biggie. Just needed something mindless for the van. I had gotten some more Sugar & Cream cotton yarn and will be making quite a few as Chanukah gifts.

Must stay focused though and get that goals list taken care of. Wish me luck!