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250+ sts per row. 7 rows. That is how much I have been tinking Forest Canopy. We had found out (kinda) what was wrong and why I was off by a st or 2 every odd row. Ok I don’t know exactly what it was I did. But whatever it was it made the pattern “off” in this last repeat. So I figured I will just have to frog back to the end of the previous repeat and then just start again. Only problem is that I cannot simply just frog to the spot I want. Last time I did that I couldn’t pick up all of the sts and ended up just frogging the whole thing and starting again. My friend seems to think that I would be capable of making it work if I had about 30-40 minutes of complete silence to myself so that I could concentrate. But that happens when around my house?

I also do not “read” lace as well as I would like so threading a lifeline and frogging to it is kinda hard right now. Although once I fix my problem I just might do that on the needles so I won’t have to tink so far back.

(Note to self: Take pictures of your mishaps more. They are lots of fun to read about but not unless you can see the train wreck)

Stepdad’s hat is almost done. I am working the decreases so not too much left. I work on it when I am just tired of tinking. Pictures soon. I hope.

I have cast on for the nightie in Mason-Dixon Knitting. I don’t really like the Twize in this pattern. It is just really too heavy. I don’t know what I will do with it yet. I also am thinking about re-casting my socks again. 3rd time is a charm right?

Not much else is going on around here. Found out I have to watch what I eat and exercise more. Blood work came back with some lovely high cholesterol readings. Triglycerides & bad cholesterol are way up while good cholesterol is way too low. Apparently drinking sodas, eating PB&J all the time with the kids, and having that 2nd (Whopping) helping of pasta is not good for me. Ok the 2 chocolate bars every night aren’t good either I guess. Sigh. At least it will help with the weight loss. Which, by the way, is down another 2 lbs since my last post. Yay me!


I feel like a complete and total SPAZ! 1st of all I decided to frog the everlivin’ snot out of these…Bearfoot socks(They will get re-cast I promise. Just not right now) I frogged them and wound them into a nice little cake. Then I decided that my poor beautiful yarn looked like it had a bad perm. So I off I went to wind it back into a hank and soak it and let it hang for a bit. I get out my absolutely wonderful wooden swift that my awesome mommy got me for my birthday not so long ago(January. Only 6 months ago). I clamp it onto my piece of shit dining room table(with rounded edges that are not stable enough to clamp a wooden swift to) and I begin to wind.

Swift is spinning beautifully. Yarn is not getting tangled at all. Halfway through my swift just falls to the floor. It came un-clamped from the table and f’ing fell. Snapped one of the slats on it. Just like a twig. I am so extremely pissed!

I got ahold of the ebay seller I purchased it from to see if it is fixable and where I can get that done. Of course it has a 2 year warranty. But of course that is only for manufacturers defects. Not human error. She said she would talk to her supplier on Monday and let me know what he says. Did I tell you how pissed off I am at myself?!

On top of all that I have had to put Forest Canopy back into time out. For some odd reason I keep ending up short 1-2 stitches on each row. So I tink to see if I can find my mistake only to find nothing. Then I re-knit said row and everything works just fine! I have done this about 5 times now. I am tired of tinking. Sent her right to the corner to think about all of the aggravation she is causing me!!!!!!(F.Y.I. she is at well over 260 stitches on the needles. Can you imagine tinking that much 5 FREAKIN’ TIMES?!)

Well now that I have gotten all of that off of my chest. On to happier things. I went ahead and cast-on for Scott’s new bed cap. Same pattern formula as before. Just a different yarn with different size needles. I think the yarn is Bernat in a grey denim color. And I am using size 7 needles instead of 9 because I was so stressed over everything mentioned earlier I just wanted to cast on and get it over with. Anything to take my mind off of my poor swift.

I am very anxious though. I am itching like crazy to get in on this whole Ravelry business. Of course this will take away from precious knitting time. From what I keep reading about it Ravelry is very addictive! Oh well. I will just have to grow 4-8 more arms and just learn to multi-task even more than I do now.

I just got an invite in the mail for a birthday pool party for one of Joey and Livy’s friends. I am gonna whip up a few bean bags for them to save a little money. Besides, these kids seem to have every freaking toy out there. I figure give ’em some bean bags and make them go outside and PLAY!(They are 3 and 5 years old)



That is roughly what I have on the needles. Yeah I am still working on the Forest Canopy. And I am still only about 1/4 of the way done. I am finally enjoying knitting this though. Before everything was so tedious and I was getting bored. But the pattern is FINALLY beginning to sink in.

I am able to get a rhythm going and G-d help those near me if I am using my ipod while knitting. I don’t listen to podcasts. I listen to music that has a good beat. Whether it be Garth Brooks, Joe Satriani, Motzart, Tone Loc, or even some Pantera or Metallica. You name it. Problem is that I like to sing along. Badly. I can really clear out a room with my singing. I am that bad.

Oh I forgot to tell you! One of my FAVORITE cousins(only 6 months younger than I) is finally pregnant! They have been trying for a few years now and so far she is about 8-10 weeks along. I just need to figure out what exactly I want to make for the new baby. Also, Because I feel extremely guilty, I need to make something for my other cousin’s baby that is almost 1 year old now. I didn’t make anything before because I just didn’t know what to make and didn’t have time or money for yarn.

Sigh… So 2 new baby projects in the near future. Any ideas? Let me know. Don’t just say “baby blanket, jacket, cap, booties, etc.” Send me pattern ideas. Also yarn ideas and colors. I suck at picking out colors. I just like soft yarn. To me almost any color will do. LOL!


Cause I knit entirely too tightly! I don’t know exactly why though. Forest canopy is coming along nicely. Though it won’t be an FO anytime soon. Poor thing. As of right now there are about 240 some odd sts on the needles and so far it is only about 1/4 of the way done. I need it to be AT LEAST 4-5 x’s this size in order for it to be how I imagine it.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures for you. Got a couple more dishclothes done. Spent a little money on here and here on etsy. I really love this site! I got my mom hooked on it too. If you have never checked it out go do it now. There is sooooooo much cool stuff there. And all of it is hand made or home made. Way cool.

Had alot on my mind lately. Basically just been itching to cast on something new. Anything. I don’t care. I am just getting really bored. I am loving the shawl but want more for some reason. I have heard the term “starteritis” and I wonder if maybe I have been infected. I still have to finish the fingers on my second HFMGloves, redo the foot of my socks, and a couple other projects I would like to finally be finished with. But I just want something new and exciting I guess.

I need to get Calorimetry started and finished for Mom. She has also requested a pair of fingerless gloves. That may take a while as I am all gloved out. Besides I need to find just the right shade of red to go with Calorimetry. Red is her absolute favorite color but she is very picky about her reds.

And I want to make at least one more hat for Scott so that he can have one to travel with. He is in broadcasting and travels constantly for long periods of time. But he refuses to take the one I made him out of his house for fear of losing it! So I must make him more!

I want to make something for Jeff but I just can’t think of what to knit him. He is not big on knit caps cause he prefers baseball caps. Doesn’t wear scarves or gloves. I don’t want to do a sweater just yet but I guess I could make him socks. I will have to think on it a bit.

I also got tagged to do a couple of meme’s but I think I will wait a little while before actually doing them.

Oh. BTW. My (online) friend just got married today! Drop on by and wish her lots of Mazel Tovs and Congrats will ya!? I am so excited for her. Oh, she also knit up the most beautiful pair of stockings for her wedding. Her choice in colors were just great! She really did and AWESOME job! Congratulations Alyson & Travis!!!!!!

Oh and I forgot to tell you. I cut my hair. Really short. Used to be well past my shoulders and now it is at my jaw line in kind of a bob. I miss my long hair but it feels so nice to have short hair that is easy to manage. Especially here in the desert.

I am gonna go to bed now. Before I fall on my face.



I currently have 135 sts on the needles. Pattern calls for enough repeats to have 195 sts on the needles. Since I am using laceweight with US 4 circs and not sport weight on US 8 needles I will be doing quite a bit more than that. So far so good.