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Here is my progress so far.

And a closer look of the center.

And here is the edge so far.

The blue is going to get smaller and smaller while the green gets bigger and bigger. Kind of like ripples of water from a skipped stone. So far I am really liking this pattern. I have one more just like this to make in green and purple(for Liad) but if I ever do this again I am going to use a variegated or self striping yarn. I hate to weave in the ends and there are alot of ends already. Such a pain in the ass.



But you can’t see them yet. Prayer shawl is finished. I have washed it and it is drying now. going to sit down and write a letter and give it to Lois. Once I have done that I will post the pics. Cause I know she probably already knows about it since I was bonehead enough to forget that she reads this blog and posted about it in earlier entries. But I don’t want to give the entire surprise away.

Also I have started on Hadass’ baby blanket. She is one of my first cousins in Israel. Due in October I believe. I am using Caron’s simply soft brites in Blue mint and Limelight green. Pinwheel pattern. It is coming along nicely so far. I am not happy with my join of the colors though. But since I am on deadline and am very impatient I am learning as I go and calling my “mistakes” “pattern enhancements” just to give it more flare. Ya know? 😉

Calorimetry will be started soon also. Mom gets here in 12 days. It isn’t a surprise to her. She knows she is getting it. So I just want to have it done before she leaves on the 5th of Sept. I am cheap and want to save on postage. Ha!

~ Viv

Jeff just rented Guitar Hero for PS2 last night. The new one.(Of course he has the first 2. Who doesn’t? HA! HA!) It is the Encore: Rocks the 80’s. This one also has a great song list but only half the amount of songs as the 1st two. Which in my opinion is not worth $50 freakin’ bucks. Which is why Jeff had to rent it instead of purchase it. (Cause he would not have lived had I found out. And I would find out!) Anyways. I got to knit and rock out with him for a while last night. It was kinda cool cause I would sit there and knit to the beat. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror at the end of the hall and had to laugh. I am such a dork bobbin’ my head, singing Holy Diver, and knitting on a prayer shawl.

Speaking of said shawl. It is not finished. Also you will notice I said shawl and not shawls. I am only knitting 1. It is so time consuming and I just have too much going on right now that 2 would freakin’ kill me. I originally cast on and was doing K3P3 and that was driving me nutso! So about 6″ into it I frogged the snot out of it and re-cast using Granny’s Favorite pattern. Just won’t do the decreases so it will be a big triangular shawl. I gotta tell ya though. All this miles and miles of garter st.(while easy and mindless) is really starting to wear on my patience. And I am only half way!

I also got back to knitting on Forest. Not much but still a start. Still have to do the fingers on my HFMG’s and finish the kid’s bean bags. Scott’s hat is still not finished. Just have the decreases to do and then it will be done. Mom’s Calorimetry is not even CO yet.(She is going to be here Aug. 21st. and I have to have it and Scott’s hat ready for when she leaves on Sept. 5th.) And I have 2 baby blankets to get done. One by Oct. and the other by Dec.

I hope to have some pictures of all my WIPs for you soon. But since it is still gray outside, and lighting sucks around here, I am waiting a while.

This deadline crap sucks! I am starting to hate all my projects. Knitting is supposed to be fun. Sigh.

Good news though. I haven’t posted in a while so it is kinda old news. Sorry. I got my invite to Ravelry! This place totally ROCKS!!!!! I really love the queue, project list, and the pattern search. It is really helping to get me organized. (Keeps me busy online instead of knitting or cleaning though. That is not good.) It is fun though. They still aren’t ready to open up shop completely yet but you should race on over there and get on the waiting list for beta. It’s a long list but well worth the wait. I promise.



Prayer shawls

My very good friends lost someone special on Tuesday morning. She was their mother/grandmother. I never knew her but she must have been something special to have had such a wonderful daughter and granddaughter. I want so very badly to make them feel better. Of course I can’t. Nothing can take away that kind of pain and sorrow.

So tonight I am putting all of my other WIPs and casting on for 2 prayer shawls. Wish me luck. I want to try to finish at least one of them by Saturday night. They leave on Sunday morning to go to Wisconsin for the funeral.


250+ sts per row. 7 rows. That is how much I have been tinking Forest Canopy. We had found out (kinda) what was wrong and why I was off by a st or 2 every odd row. Ok I don’t know exactly what it was I did. But whatever it was it made the pattern “off” in this last repeat. So I figured I will just have to frog back to the end of the previous repeat and then just start again. Only problem is that I cannot simply just frog to the spot I want. Last time I did that I couldn’t pick up all of the sts and ended up just frogging the whole thing and starting again. My friend seems to think that I would be capable of making it work if I had about 30-40 minutes of complete silence to myself so that I could concentrate. But that happens when around my house?

I also do not “read” lace as well as I would like so threading a lifeline and frogging to it is kinda hard right now. Although once I fix my problem I just might do that on the needles so I won’t have to tink so far back.

(Note to self: Take pictures of your mishaps more. They are lots of fun to read about but not unless you can see the train wreck)

Stepdad’s hat is almost done. I am working the decreases so not too much left. I work on it when I am just tired of tinking. Pictures soon. I hope.

I have cast on for the nightie in Mason-Dixon Knitting. I don’t really like the Twize in this pattern. It is just really too heavy. I don’t know what I will do with it yet. I also am thinking about re-casting my socks again. 3rd time is a charm right?

Not much else is going on around here. Found out I have to watch what I eat and exercise more. Blood work came back with some lovely high cholesterol readings. Triglycerides & bad cholesterol are way up while good cholesterol is way too low. Apparently drinking sodas, eating PB&J all the time with the kids, and having that 2nd (Whopping) helping of pasta is not good for me. Ok the 2 chocolate bars every night aren’t good either I guess. Sigh. At least it will help with the weight loss. Which, by the way, is down another 2 lbs since my last post. Yay me!