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Go let her know what you think.

As far as my knitting. There is some. Not enough for my taste but some nonetheless. I am almost done with Liaddy’s baby blanket. Need to hurry up with it seeing as Gavin was born on 1/17/08 at 5:52 am. Also re-cast my Bearfoot Mountain colors in Meadow for my socks. This time it WILL work!!!! Pictures soon I promise(I hope).



Scout is having a contest so go and check it out! Winner gets a skein from her gallery. How can you pass that up?


250+ sts per row. 7 rows. That is how much I have been tinking Forest Canopy. We had found out (kinda) what was wrong and why I was off by a st or 2 every odd row. Ok I don’t know exactly what it was I did. But whatever it was it made the pattern “off” in this last repeat. So I figured I will just have to frog back to the end of the previous repeat and then just start again. Only problem is that I cannot simply just frog to the spot I want. Last time I did that I couldn’t pick up all of the sts and ended up just frogging the whole thing and starting again. My friend seems to think that I would be capable of making it work if I had about 30-40 minutes of complete silence to myself so that I could concentrate. But that happens when around my house?

I also do not “read” lace as well as I would like so threading a lifeline and frogging to it is kinda hard right now. Although once I fix my problem I just might do that on the needles so I won’t have to tink so far back.

(Note to self: Take pictures of your mishaps more. They are lots of fun to read about but not unless you can see the train wreck)

Stepdad’s hat is almost done. I am working the decreases so not too much left. I work on it when I am just tired of tinking. Pictures soon. I hope.

I have cast on for the nightie in Mason-Dixon Knitting. I don’t really like the Twize in this pattern. It is just really too heavy. I don’t know what I will do with it yet. I also am thinking about re-casting my socks again. 3rd time is a charm right?

Not much else is going on around here. Found out I have to watch what I eat and exercise more. Blood work came back with some lovely high cholesterol readings. Triglycerides & bad cholesterol are way up while good cholesterol is way too low. Apparently drinking sodas, eating PB&J all the time with the kids, and having that 2nd (Whopping) helping of pasta is not good for me. Ok the 2 chocolate bars every night aren’t good either I guess. Sigh. At least it will help with the weight loss. Which, by the way, is down another 2 lbs since my last post. Yay me!

I woke up this morning from one of the weirdest dreams! I won’t bore you with all of the details. But I can tell you that I had lost all of my hair, learned to spin in the space of an hour, and hand spun my hair. Then I dyed it(can’t remember what color. Probably purple) and knit it into a hat to cover my bald head! WTF?! Very weird!


In other news. There is some bad news. There has been a visit to the frog pond again here at my house. Clapotis was given a fair trial and after about 20 minutes deliberation the jury came back with a verdict. Guilty as charged for soul sucking(That is what Mouse called it I believe. Oops. She said it was “Sucking her will to live“) The judge then sentenced Clapotis to frogging in the pond.

Her remains will be re-wound into a yarn cake and be put to better use knit up in a nice drapey nightie. The one from Mason-Dixon Knitting to be precise.

I also need to get you some pictures of my swatch, stepdad’s cap, and Forest Canopy. Hopefully that will happen soon.

Now for the possible TMI. (No graphic pictures I promise) There is a sweater/blouse/shirt that I want to knit. Dunno about the yarn yet. Dunno when either. Continue reading

Took the yarn to the park today. (Kids too.) DSC01782

I had over heard the yarn talking so I tried to eavesdrop.


They were basking in the sun as I walked up. When one turns to the other and says…”Should we shoot some hoops?

“We have no stinkin’ arms you DOOFUS! How the hell are we supposed to shoot hoops?!” DSC01792

When I saw that things were about to get ugly I told them to settle down and play nice. No more name calling.

DSC01797 “Fine! Let’s just swing for a bit.”

“Ok. Do ya think that lady will put the damned camera down and give us a push?” DSC01798

(The answer to that last question was a great big no. To freakin’ hot to stand in the sun and push annoying little yarn cakes on the swings.)

DSC01800 “Well at least someone is willing to hang out with us!”

DSC01786 “Unlike some people we know”