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The orange and purple is dry and I got it wound into a center pull cake. I was gonna just leave it as a hank but I want to knit it up to see what it looks like. I just have to figure out what to make out of it. It’s worsted weight Lion’s Brand Wool.

As for the red and blue, it is still slightly damp. So I guess I will be leaving it to dry over night. (As if half the night isn’t over already! Ha!) I want to go ahead and knit a swatch with the orange and purple but I also want a picture of it in the cake. And there really is crap for lighting in this house. Unless it is daytime everything turns out yellow or orangey. So I guess I have no choice but to wait. (Big Heavy Sigh)

Earlier I saw that Alyson had posted again. So I naturally went and checked it out. (She is one of my favorite bloggers aside from the Harlot of course.) I had to read her post 2 times to make sure I was understanding what the hell she was talking about.(Note to self: You are not able to have more than 2 Capt. Morgan & Cokes while remaining completely coherent.)

She decided that since I was her 1,000th email in one of her email accounts that I should get some sort of goody. Not a clue as to what but hey, who cares? I am just excited to be her 1,000th post/email. You should really go and check her blog out. Her new hubby is now a knitter and there is some sort of torrid affair between a tiny sock and some poor little girl’s shoe. Simply Shameful. I think she needs to rename her blog to something like “As the Yo Yo Spins” and have some commentator with a big booming voice. Yes she is that funny.

Well it is about a quarter to 1 am. I am pretty much wide awake in the brain but my body is just absolutely dragging. I think I will go and knit on my stepdad’s night cap. Maybe I will be able to slow down my brain enough to go to sleep.



After bath. Hangin’ around the monkey bars. Crappy backyard lighting. Sorry.



More to come.


Ok so I am not actually melting. Just sweating to death in this flippin’ heat. So what do I do while I am dreaming of air conditioning and iced tea? I dye yarn! Ok so this is actually the first time I have ever done it. Wanna see so far? Of course you do!
DSC01758 Why is your yarn in the sink Momma?

I am going to dye it Hun. DSC01761

Strawberry DSC01762, Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade DSC01763,

Pina Pineapple mixed with Orange DSC01764, and Grape DSC01765 . I wanted a brighter orange(almost fluorescent) which is why I mixed in the Pina Pineapple with the orange. And I was hoping for a more pink color than red with the strawberry. Let’s see what happens…

I used my big enamel stock pot with the insert thingy (I think it is a steamer basket) for a double boiler. DSC01767 It seems like it took forever to heat up! DSC01766

Here it is about 5 minutes after adding the yarn and more hot water to cover it.DSC01768

And this is 30 minutes after adding the yarn. DSC01770 I pulled the middles up a little to see kinda what it was gonna look like.

Once the jars were cooled off enough I pulled them out to see if I could speed the cooling process. DSC01771 I’m not impatient or anything.

Here is a close up. Orange and purple-DSC01772
Red and blue?-DSC01773 Can we even call it blue? Aqua? Turquoisey?

DSC01774 I don’t like that there is still some white left.

It doesn’t look so bad here. DSC01775

It’s still cooling right now. I moved it to the dining room table under the ceiling fan. Again, I am not impatient. As soon as it is cooled enough I am going to give it a VERY gentle bath with some wool wash(I think it is Kookaburra? Have to look.) and take more pictures. Check back in a couple of hours to see how it turned out.


A meme?

I have done one meme in the past and apparently Tammy thinks it is high time I do one more.

Here are the rules: Invent THREE totally fictitious things about yourself, put in TWO truths, see who can guess! Then tag two other people to do the same.

1. I used to be a topless dancer.

2. I have been married 2 times before.

3. I like eating oysters.

4. I have dual citizenship.

5. I have a pool table in my house and beat my husband on a regular basis.

Now see if you can guess the truths and lies. D I will post the answers in a couple of days.


The summer knitty is up! Go check it out! There’s a couple that I really like.