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Well it seems like I only get an urge to post anything about once a year around here. Oh well! I have started Seraphim again. And she is coming along nicely. It’s nice to enjoy knitting again. Got to the point that I was having more and more problems with all of my projects and I put the needles down for a little while. Ok a long while. I look forward to a finished project. Just started chart 1 and so far so good. I am using Knitpicks shimmer in Sherry with knitpicks size 5 cable needles. I desperately need to take some pictures but that’s nothing new. LOL

Why is it I always want to take tons of beautiful pictures yet I never seem to get my tush in gear and actually do it? It’s not like I am too busy. Lazy maybe? Hmmmmm Well sometime soon I hope to have some. Wish me luck!


Right after she saw the attention I was giving to my dishcloths! I was in need of some new ones anyways seeing as my old ones were ready to die! When they are used for EVERYTHING they tend to not last as long as you would like them too. Anyway…I busted out one and a half new dishcloths and decided to give Miss Priss another chance. I tinked back the entire row (that’s 160+ stitches btw) and found that she had lied to me while I was knitting and told me that I HAD done that sl 1 k 1 psso! That is where I had the extra stitches! She thought it was funny till I threatened to put her back in the chest!

Everything is working very smoothly now. Just a little slow as I can only seem to get about 2-4 rows snuck in here or there. I hope to get some pictures up soon. Just keep forgetting to do it. Sorry.

On the home front. Jeff got a new job that moved us to YUMA, AZ! You know. That hottest place in the Milky Way second only to the SUN! Well maybe not. But it is definitely too hot for my taste. I thought Tucson was hot. Holy cow! “But this is the Mohave desert. What did you expect” is what I hear a lot of. Sigh. Mean time we stay wherever there is air conditioning.

For those of you who haven’t been in on the action in my life…Jeff injured his right knee and has to have surgery. He goes in on the 16th to have his ACL replaced. Tore that sucker in a major way. My MIL is coming (from Tucson) to watch the kids while I am at the hospital with Jeff. Not really looking forward to this visit. But I guess since I don’t have to deal with the kids at the hospital I should be thankful. And I am. A little. Wish me luck!

I started the peacock shawl in January. I am using my VERY beautiful Seasilk by Handmaiden. The yarn is decadent. So soft and just enough springyness to it. The pattern is turning out beautifully. So why am I so angry at it?!!!!!!???? Because I am in chart 2 row 79. And for some reason I keep ending up with 3 extra stitches in the middle!!!!! And I CAN”T FIGURE IT OUT!!!!!!! I want so badly for this to work. I NEED this to work. Why is this project kicking my ass every 2-4 rows? I don’t know. Heck Tammy had to find and fix my mistakes on rows 73/75. It just keeps blurring together for me. AAAARRRRRGGGGGG!

(Quick name that movie!)

I had some strange urge to check out my blog stats just a minute ago. 95 hits today! Who in the hell has come over to check me out?!!!!! The most hits I have had in one day (before today of course) is 69! And since I have not done jack a squat over here lately there have only been stragglers here and there. Needless to say I am FLABBERGASTED!

So whomever you are and where ever you are come on back and post a comment. Let me know you are out there and what brought you here. You have all peaked my curiosity.

Now for the good stuff…

I HAVE KNITTING CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!! No pictures or anything. Just a little update.

Mom’s Calorimetry is done. Took me all of 2 days and I added 3 baby cables in the middle. Tammy taught me how to do them without actually making a cable. They came out GREAT! Sent it off to mom already though so I have to rely on her to get me a picture(Did you hear me Mom?! TAKE A PICTURE!!!)

I finished the blue and green pinwheel for Hadass. Sent it off to mom also so she could add to the package and then ship everything at once to Israel.

Purple and green pinwheel is about 50% done. Liad is not due until mid January so I have a little bit of time left.

Hooray for me gloves still need fingerless fingers, Forest canopy got frogged to death, Have several dishcloths that need to have their ends woven in, and I need/want to get started with my socks again.

Orly(my sister) got me some really lovely Kid Mohair in a pretty baby blue to make her a scarf with. She found it at the 4th Ave. St. Fair here in Tucson and paid way too much money for it. But it is nice and hopefully I can find a pattern that will suit her.

I also bought some pretty yarn from Yo Yo to make sure that Li’l Bit got cookies after surgery. It is a really pretty variegated red. I think that is what you would call it. I am not getting off of my tushy to go and look right now.

As for the rest of my life? Well…I have just been really busy I guess. I started my own Mary Kay business and am working very hard at that. It is going great so far and will only get better. So if you are interested in skin care or color then give me a holler. We have all new formulas, a new line of lip colors, and brand new mineral foundation out now.

Now if only I could find more hours in the day to get everything done…

I forgot to get some pics of the pinwheel today so it will have to wait until tomorrow. Here is the prayer/thought shawl I made for Lois. Nothing fancy. Very plain and simple. But VERY comfy and warm. The kids and I went over to her house to swim and I gave it to her then. I think she really liked it. She says she can’t wait for cooler weather so that she can actually use it. I hope she can get tons of usage out of it.Lois' thought shawl
You can kind of see the edging in this pic.Lois' thought shawl
And not that it is exciting but here is a closeup of the miles of garter st.
Lois' thought shawl
I know I said I was getting really tired of working on this shawl. I think it was just a bad day. I honestly think my hands craved the mindlessness of it all. It felt good to just knit without worry of mistakes. I thought alot about my mom. I thought alot about Lois and her mom. I just thought alot. Ya know?

Start: June 28th 2007
Finish: August 8th 2007
Needle: Knitpicks size 11
Yarn: Lion brand? one pound skein, 100% acrylic
pattern: Used Granny’s favorite dishcloth pattern minus the decreases.
Size: Roughly 66″ across the top

Things I would do different? I might use a larger needle next time.