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I just wanted to share this with every one before I went on and on about my knitting. Go and check these sites out. or They have the most interesting and amazing body luxuries.


I am currently sitting in the Jury assembly room downtown wishing like hell that they would have let me bring my damned knitting with me. But noooo. I am gonna go on some sort of killing and maiming spree poking people in the eyes with my size 1 circs. I tried to explain that I wouldn’t do something like that for the simple fact that I wouldn’t want any blood on my precious socks that I am working so hard on.

Yes folks you heard me right. I took the plunge and started some Crazy toes and heels. I took a few pictures and when I can actually manage to find some time I will upload them for you.

Gotta run and do my duty. More later.


Yarn, I am your nostepinde!

Glowing in the darkSince I was not the least bit sleepy last night, and Pure Country was on tv, I decided I needed to untangle the mess of yarn my lovely daughter produced for me. Because I wanted to start a swatch for socks. (YES I am finally gonna go ahead and give it a try.)

     Anyways. I had been thinking about how I wanted a center pull ball instead of having a ball of yarn rolling around on the floor as I knit. I had mentioned to my mommy that I was looking to get a swift and a ball winder when we ran across nostepindes(sp?) I had seen them before and seen how to wind on them but really have no desire to get one(they are just pretty in my eyes. Not really practical as I have found. Take too long to wind a ball.)

     So sitting in the middle of my living room surrounded by a ton of toys I spot Jeff’s light saber. My first thought? “Why do we have these things?! They just lie around taking up space and batteries!” My second thought? “I can use this like a nostepinde!” So here is my DH’s lightsaber with my ball of Dancing from Knitpicks.dsc01269.JPGdsc01270.JPG

Pretty nifty huh?

     I guess I should have explained it in an ealier post but I didn’t. Sorry. I have changed blogs yet again(3rd time’s a charm?) I had alot of trouble adding pictures to myspace and I couldn’t figure out how to add alot of stuff to blogger. Alot of it was me being lazy AND ignorant of computer lingo.

     Anyways, I heard about WP from my friend Hazel and so far so good. I just wish that I had more templates to choose from. But it is a little bit easier to figure out how to add buttons etc. I just need to take the time to actually do it.

     As for the decisions I need to make…I had started the baby blanket for Lisa’s friend before doing Amy’s blanket. Made 4 granny squares. I am thinking of joining those four and then just adding one great big border.

     I have frogged the scarf I started about a month ago. It is a gray denim style from Bernat. 70% acrylic and 30% cotton. I had cast on 30 st and was doing a k2,p2 vertical rib. Well all was going well and I had gotten it about 10 in” long when I decided it wasn’t wide enough. So I frogged it while putzing through Toys R Us(They had a grand opening with lots of character apperances and cookies and balloons to hand out.) and cast on 80 st this time. I am now doing a k4, p4 rib in hopes that it won’t bunch up as much as the smaller ribbing. I have only done 2 rows so I don’t really know if it will look like I want it too or not. We will soon see.



     Here it is folks. I finally got Amy’s blanket finished. Just in time too. Her new son(still working on a name) was born today at 12:30 pm. I took some pictures and threw it in the wash to make sure that the ends weren’t gonna start snaking their way out. That and the kids got some chocolate on one of the corners. Made me so mad!!!!